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27th-Jul-2014 08:01 pm - Happy Ied Mubarak

Happy Ied Mubarak
May we have a wonderful ramadhan.

the last dayCollapse )

20th-Jan-2013 10:09 am - Viena Diena

Tittle : {viena diena}

Cast : Sehun . Luhan.

Genre : idk.

Note : Actually ff ini belum selesai. tapi berhubung pingin di update jadilah ceritanya menggantung.

Jika suatu hari nanti Luhan sadar Sehun tidak ada disampinya lagi.Collapse )

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19th-Dec-2012 06:16 pm - More.

Aku ingin lebih.Collapse )

7th-Jul-2012 09:41 pm - Losing You
Tittle : Losing You
Pairing : Sooyoung/Kyuhyun

"Losing me will hurt,it will be the kind of pain that won't feel real at first,and when it does,it will take her breath away"-Cho Kyuhyun [From:Gayle Forman,If I Stay]

Ada yang hilang darinya.Collapse )

6th-Jul-2012 02:40 pm - 20120706

Mereka datang dan pergi.Collapse )

3rd-May-2012 03:35 pm - Hello...

So.Hello Livejournal~

Long time no see you
This my new account hehehe
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